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Team no wrong answers. Sometimes we are so worried about making a mistake we are unable to put our best confident, relaxed and focused self forward. Today’s let’s remove the Fear and with gentle loving kindness set it aside giving our authentic self time to shine without interference or repercussion. You are full of gifts. Let’s get in the mindset that the joy is in the giving. #fireandfinesse #fitness #mindbodysoul #motivate #innerpeace #inspiration #quote #quikquote #creativity #freedom #SoHum #believe #build #community #coaching #yogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #shadesofhealth #sharingiscaring by tdivyaj

What a great thought for the day! This is something I struggle with daily. Advertisements

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I have poured my heart and soul into my business for the past 14 months. There are some major renovations that I need to do in order to go forward with my plans for the future, including construction costs, of … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Get A Massage!

Because some people need a reminder to take some time for themselves 🙂 Reason #5: Massage promotes increased circulation. Reason #4. Massage can help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Reason #3: Massage helps you get a better quality … Continue reading

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Living in the moment

and taking steps you never thought you’d take. I’ve stepped into a pool I never thought about before – the wide world of crowd-funding. It’s a pretty simple concept: I complete my listing of my business plans, structure of the … Continue reading

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We are all beautiful.

Fantastic Friday!! A group of my girlfriends and I have a traditional “Thankful Thursday” every week where we take a few minutes and post (on Facebook, LiveJournal, et cetera) about what we are most thankful for that day or week. … Continue reading

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Connections and Positivity

I thought of the following poem tonight at a class I attended, and I thought I would share it and my thoughts on connections and positive energy. No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of … Continue reading

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In memorium, on this day of national grief.

We remember where we were that day. We remember your deaths. The shock, the horror, the anger and the fear. There is nothing that will change what happened this day, nor will it changed the lives affected. We can only … Continue reading

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