& my business..

I have poured my heart and soul into my business for the past 14 months. There are some major renovations that I need to do in order to go forward with my plans for the future, including construction costs, of which you can read on Fundable (link below). This is not me begging for money, this is not me begging for clients, this is me putting myself, my business, my hopes and my dreams, out there for the world to see under a microscope.

  All I’m asking for is a chance. I need to raise the money to go forward and every little bit helps. I’ve been campaigning, marketing, even taking classes in small business management, business plan writing, and networking. Now, with only 14 days left in my fundraising, I’ve still got a little hope left. I’ve been told over and over that this would never work, that I was fooling myself, that I’m basically “giving away” my services for free. I don’t believe that at all. I have seen fantastic results for other people using Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

…  The only thing that makes this unique is that I’m a massage therapist, a health related industry, and not the typical technology or creativity based crowdfunding business.

  For those of you who know me, you know I’m hardworking and fully believe in the power of education and self-care, and how much I love massage. There is NOTHING typical about massage, wellness, or building the business of my dreams for all women in the Rockford area. A wellness center where everyone can feel welcomed and part of something good and beautiful. A place for those of us who work INSANE hours, third shift, four shifts in a row, or writing papers all night, or just getting off work at 4:00 a.m. .. and you just NEED a massage. Or some yoga. Or meditation. Or just a quiet place to go, where there is no judgment and where everyone belongs.

Please consider funding me and my business and PLEASE SHARE this with everyone you know!! All donations are NOT out of the goodness of your heart; you actually get something – massage! – for the money you spend. And my absolute appreciation AND other fun perks!!

Also remember – ANYONE can donate to the fund. You don’t have to be within the same area. I will find some awesome way to thank you. But if you want massage too, these rewards NEVER expire. EVER. You can come see me in five years, if you wanted!


About Curvaceous Yogi

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed and proud artist, journal-writer, creator, and yogi-in-training. I also have an AAS in massage therapy, love coffee more than is good for me, and dream of traveling abroad.
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