Introducing… me and my space!

I am often asked by my clients why I chose what I do (I also get “Don’t your hands hurt?” just as frequently – that’s a whole ‘nother post, dears). I don’t like to talk about myself much, because when you’re on my table, it’s about you, not me, but I understand the basic need to connect with humans, of course. It’s what I do best.

So, hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m a licensed massage therapist. No, I’m not originally from the Rockford area. Originally, I grew up in a small town in western New York, where my family was and still is part of the local fire department, American Legion, etc. While in high school, we moved south due to my father’s job. I moved to Illinois in 2002, well, there wasn’t any particular reason other than I had never been to Chicago.

I spent some time working in a couple of different high-stress industries, but longed for that elusive “something else”. Then I met my other half, henceforth known as Otter (otter half, significant Otter. Yes, he hates it) and he was suffering from chronic pain resulting from a back injury in his early 20’s. We had been dating about 6 months when I just decided to walk into Rasmussen College in Rockford and sat down that fateful day with Ericka. She rocks, by the way (Thank you!!!). The next semester was starting in less than two weeks, and she not only helped hone my focus & figure out what I wanted to do, but made the paperwork easy, and April 2009, I went back to college!

In March 2012, I graduated with honors and passed my NCBTMB exam two days later. I started my business right away and I haven’t looked back!

Now I have this fantastic space:


But when you walk into my office, before you get to my treatment room, you enter here:


And come through here:


And it’s just not pretty. Well, and there’s some other issues, stemming from the fact that it’s the lower level and here in Illinois, we get flooding. It’s been flooded a couple times this year alone.

Let’s be frank: It’s not fun and it stinks. Sometimes, literally.

That’s why I started researching funding and stumbled upon the idea of crowdfunding. I had heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo before, but never thought really hard about the entire concept. At it’s core, it’s a pretty simple concept, too.


Startups can offer Rewards in exchange for cash contributions from Backers. Rewards are simply items of value that “reward” a Backer for supporting you.

Why offer rewards?

The premise of Fundable is to offer “value for value“. Although some Backers may support your fundraise solely based on personal affinity, Startups on Fundable are focused on providing tangible value in exchange for each contribution they receive.

Most crowdfunding also works on the “All or Nothing” idea – if I don’t raise the entire amount I am asking for (or more), I receive nothing. You also can choose how long you want your fundraising to go for, but like with, there’s a charge per 30 day time period.

So my goal is pretty low, compared to the work that needs to be done, at $15,000. Anyone can donate funds, from $1 on up. Everyone who donates to me gets a HUGE thank you on Facebook and Twitter. If you donate more than $25, depending on the amount, you also receipt a massage!

(Omg! A MASSAGE! *Kermit flail*)

In a nutshell, this is my dream career. I am helping people, educating them and empowering their lives. I love it. I donate time and services to my local Food Pantry, and I look forward to offering my services to other businesses and non-profits in Rockford and the surrounding area. One of my other goals is helping the local economy by creating jobs and working with other local businesses to educate employees on self-care and avoiding work-related injuries.

If you would like to donate via Fundable, you can read up on my plans and goals here:

And you can see my plans here:


About Curvaceous Yogi

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed and proud artist, journal-writer, creator, and yogi-in-training. I also have an AAS in massage therapy, love coffee more than is good for me, and dream of traveling abroad.
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