Living in the moment

Living in the moment

and taking steps you never thought you’d take. I’ve stepped into a pool I never thought about before – the wide world of crowd-funding.

It’s a pretty simple concept: I complete my listing of my business plans, structure of the company, and hopes and dreams, for the world to see. Rewards and gifts are offered to those wonderful people who see the potential in my business and decide to “purchase” the rewards, which is how funds are raised.

One of my greatest hopes is that I am successful in this endeavor. I have dreams for how I want to complete my space and what services I want to offer to my clients. Midnight yoga! How wonderful would that be, to be able to take a late night class, grab a massage, and return home much more relaxed and stress-free than you were?

Heavenly, I tell you. Superb!

This is my dream. I hope you think it’s worth taking a chance and seizing the day.


About Curvaceous Yogi

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed and proud artist, journal-writer, creator, and yogi-in-training. I also have an AAS in massage therapy, love coffee more than is good for me, and dream of traveling abroad.
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