We are all beautiful.

Fantastic Friday!!

A group of my girlfriends and I have a traditional “Thankful Thursday” every week where we take a few minutes and post (on Facebook, LiveJournal, et cetera) about what we are most thankful for that day or week. I like to share mine on Facebook. Fantastic Fridays is going to be a little like that – take a few moments to post something celebrating what makes you feel fantastic.

Me, I love playing with eye make-up. It doesn’t always like me, because I have rosecea, but I have recently (after MANY years) found a brand of skin care (Philosophy) and a brand of make-up (Urban Decay) that seems to work wonders. And let me tell you, I do LOVE my eyeshadow palettes (especially Smoked!).

In light of taking extra time this morning to wear make-up (even though I don’t usually on a day when I’m working) I really wanted to find an appropriate quote for Friday, a day where we are happy to be out of work and going out with our loved ones and friends to celebrate the end of the work week. And I found this:

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone….
~Sam Levenson

Being a massage therapist, I see the fine line between physical body and the perceived notions of physical beauty. Clients, especially women, spend more time telling me about how they forgot to shave their legs, or asking me to excuse their feet, because they’ve been standing all day, or a number of other superficial concerns, rather than addressing where the pain is, what I can do to help, and just relaxing.

Please be assured, as a massage therapist, I am not concerned about it at all. I work on all types of bodies, in all sorts of shapes and fitness. Truthfully, while I mainly “see” muscles and structure during a session, I also see each form and they’re all beautiful – the human body is such an amazing form, with all of these muscles and fascia interconnected to create each of us with all of the same organs and features, and yet we are intricately different. As a woman, I understand the panic of getting on a therapist’s table and realizing “Oh, crap, I forgot to shave!” or “Oh, good GRIEF, that bruise where I ran into the table, she’s going to think .. (insert whatever here).”

It happens 🙂

And truthfully, to me, that’s when I know I need a massage in the worse way; when I’m too stressed or overworked to remember that I’m on the table to relax and let someone help me release tension and muscle aches.. not compete as Miss America.

It is my greatest wish that through what I do, I can help people see the beauty within themselves. Through your scars, your muscle aches, your sports injuries.. Each of us is a beautiful human being and we should celebrate that.


About Curvaceous Yogi

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed and proud artist, journal-writer, creator, and yogi-in-training. I also have an AAS in massage therapy, love coffee more than is good for me, and dream of traveling abroad.
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