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One of the questions I get asked, quite often, is why massage therapy?

Well, why not?

I have an extensive background in volunteering and community service. My entire family growing up was heavily involved with our local volunteer fire and rescue squad. I developed a deep sense of caring towards others because of this and recognize that there is more to community service than just adopting a highway or writing a check every once in a while (not that there is anything wrong with either one). I care deeply for those in pain, especially when there seems to be no better reason other than “I’m not as young as I used to be” or “I spent the weekend gardening!”.

When I met my significant other, not long before I decided to pursue a degree in massage, I saw yet another reason to help others. He had a serious back injury many years before we’d met, and has dealt with chronic pain, along with mild tingling and numbness in parts of his limbs, for longer than anyone should. He then became my guinea pig throughout my college career and today, he no longer has a standing refill on pain medications, is more aware of his body, and has regained feeling in his hands and shoulders. He went from dealing with debilitating back spasms that would flare up every couple of months (to the point he would be bedridden) to today, he has not had an episode in over a year.

As a therapist, I am so convinced of the relief that massage can provide to so many people and I believe everyone has the right as a human being to feel healthy and feel good about themselves. As a professional, to me, massage is not a luxury only for those who can afford it, it is not “a happy ending”, it is not “just to relax”. There is extensive evidence that massage can help with a wide variety of not only physical issues, but emotional and mental as well.

And I believe that education is the first step to better health and wellness. My hope is this blog will not only give people the chance to ask questions, but to learn about themselves, about taking control of your life, and about being human, right now.


About Curvaceous Yogi

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed and proud artist, journal-writer, creator, and yogi-in-training. I also have an AAS in massage therapy, love coffee more than is good for me, and dream of traveling abroad.
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