Team no wrong answers. Sometimes we are so worried about making a mistake we are unable to put our best confident, relaxed and focused self forward. Today’s let’s remove the Fear and with gentle loving kindness set it aside giving our authentic self time to shine without interference or repercussion. You are full of gifts. Let’s get in the mindset that the joy is in the giving. #fireandfinesse #fitness #mindbodysoul #motivate #innerpeace #inspiration #quote #quikquote #creativity #freedom #SoHum #believe #build #community #coaching #yogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #shadesofhealth #sharingiscaring by tdivyaj

What a great thought for the day! This is something I struggle with daily.

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I have poured my heart and soul into my business for the past 14 months. There are some major renovations that I need to do in order to go forward with my plans for the future, including construction costs, of which you can read on Fundable (link below). This is not me begging for money, this is not me begging for clients, this is me putting myself, my business, my hopes and my dreams, out there for the world to see under a microscope.

  All I’m asking for is a chance. I need to raise the money to go forward and every little bit helps. I’ve been campaigning, marketing, even taking classes in small business management, business plan writing, and networking. Now, with only 14 days left in my fundraising, I’ve still got a little hope left. I’ve been told over and over that this would never work, that I was fooling myself, that I’m basically “giving away” my services for free. I don’t believe that at all. I have seen fantastic results for other people using Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

…  The only thing that makes this unique is that I’m a massage therapist, a health related industry, and not the typical technology or creativity based crowdfunding business.

  For those of you who know me, you know I’m hardworking and fully believe in the power of education and self-care, and how much I love massage. There is NOTHING typical about massage, wellness, or building the business of my dreams for all women in the Rockford area. A wellness center where everyone can feel welcomed and part of something good and beautiful. A place for those of us who work INSANE hours, third shift, four shifts in a row, or writing papers all night, or just getting off work at 4:00 a.m. .. and you just NEED a massage. Or some yoga. Or meditation. Or just a quiet place to go, where there is no judgment and where everyone belongs.

Please consider funding me and my business and PLEASE SHARE this with everyone you know!! All donations are NOT out of the goodness of your heart; you actually get something – massage! – for the money you spend. And my absolute appreciation AND other fun perks!!

Also remember – ANYONE can donate to the fund. You don’t have to be within the same area. I will find some awesome way to thank you. But if you want massage too, these rewards NEVER expire. EVER. You can come see me in five years, if you wanted!

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5 Reasons to Get A Massage!

Because some people need a reminder to take some time for themselves 🙂

Reason #5: Massage promotes increased circulation.

Reason #4. Massage can help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Reason #3: Massage helps you get a better quality of sleep.

Reason #2: Massage can help prevent injury and with rehabilitation after an injury has occurred.

And the #1 reason to get massage?

Because everyone should and DESERVES to get massage!

Weekend warriors, gardeners, marathon runners, Sunday school teachers, bicyclists, bakers, and waitresses! There is not one single person who cannot benefit in some way from receiving bodywork.

Take some time for yourself and book your massage today! You can book online via Facebook or website, or by calling Kelly at (815) 289-0643.

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Introducing… me and my space!

I am often asked by my clients why I chose what I do (I also get “Don’t your hands hurt?” just as frequently – that’s a whole ‘nother post, dears). I don’t like to talk about myself much, because when you’re on my table, it’s about you, not me, but I understand the basic need to connect with humans, of course. It’s what I do best.

So, hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m a licensed massage therapist. No, I’m not originally from the Rockford area. Originally, I grew up in a small town in western New York, where my family was and still is part of the local fire department, American Legion, etc. While in high school, we moved south due to my father’s job. I moved to Illinois in 2002, well, there wasn’t any particular reason other than I had never been to Chicago.

I spent some time working in a couple of different high-stress industries, but longed for that elusive “something else”. Then I met my other half, henceforth known as Otter (otter half, significant Otter. Yes, he hates it) and he was suffering from chronic pain resulting from a back injury in his early 20’s. We had been dating about 6 months when I just decided to walk into Rasmussen College in Rockford and sat down that fateful day with Ericka. She rocks, by the way (Thank you!!!). The next semester was starting in less than two weeks, and she not only helped hone my focus & figure out what I wanted to do, but made the paperwork easy, and April 2009, I went back to college!

In March 2012, I graduated with honors and passed my NCBTMB exam two days later. I started my business right away and I haven’t looked back!

Now I have this fantastic space:


But when you walk into my office, before you get to my treatment room, you enter here:


And come through here:


And it’s just not pretty. Well, and there’s some other issues, stemming from the fact that it’s the lower level and here in Illinois, we get flooding. It’s been flooded a couple times this year alone.

Let’s be frank: It’s not fun and it stinks. Sometimes, literally.

That’s why I started researching funding and stumbled upon the idea of crowdfunding. I had heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo before, but never thought really hard about the entire concept. At it’s core, it’s a pretty simple concept, too.


Startups can offer Rewards in exchange for cash contributions from Backers. Rewards are simply items of value that “reward” a Backer for supporting you.

Why offer rewards?

The premise of Fundable is to offer “value for value“. Although some Backers may support your fundraise solely based on personal affinity, Startups on Fundable are focused on providing tangible value in exchange for each contribution they receive.

Most crowdfunding also works on the “All or Nothing” idea – if I don’t raise the entire amount I am asking for (or more), I receive nothing. You also can choose how long you want your fundraising to go for, but like with, there’s a charge per 30 day time period.

So my goal is pretty low, compared to the work that needs to be done, at $15,000. Anyone can donate funds, from $1 on up. Everyone who donates to me gets a HUGE thank you on Facebook and Twitter. If you donate more than $25, depending on the amount, you also receipt a massage!

(Omg! A MASSAGE! *Kermit flail*)

In a nutshell, this is my dream career. I am helping people, educating them and empowering their lives. I love it. I donate time and services to my local Food Pantry, and I look forward to offering my services to other businesses and non-profits in Rockford and the surrounding area. One of my other goals is helping the local economy by creating jobs and working with other local businesses to educate employees on self-care and avoiding work-related injuries.

If you would like to donate via Fundable, you can read up on my plans and goals here:

And you can see my plans here:

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Living in the moment

Living in the moment

and taking steps you never thought you’d take. I’ve stepped into a pool I never thought about before – the wide world of crowd-funding.

It’s a pretty simple concept: I complete my listing of my business plans, structure of the company, and hopes and dreams, for the world to see. Rewards and gifts are offered to those wonderful people who see the potential in my business and decide to “purchase” the rewards, which is how funds are raised.

One of my greatest hopes is that I am successful in this endeavor. I have dreams for how I want to complete my space and what services I want to offer to my clients. Midnight yoga! How wonderful would that be, to be able to take a late night class, grab a massage, and return home much more relaxed and stress-free than you were?

Heavenly, I tell you. Superb!

This is my dream. I hope you think it’s worth taking a chance and seizing the day.

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The light in life is enjoying your path.

I had a late night discussion via chat with a teenaged family member, M, the other night, where she was asking about massage therapy and her future. In my home state, where M lives, the public schools administer career placement tests, so that guidance counselors can advise each student on the path towards what they’re interested in doing. M’s placement exam suggested she would be good at massage therapy, or other types of therapy careers.

I was straight with her. Massage therapy isn’t easy – this is very physical work, a good workout. It’s easier to hurt yourself as a therapist than it is sometimes to help the client on the table, especially if the therapist isn’t mindful of one’s body mechanics. And getting a degree in Applied Health isn’t a piece of cake either. Anatomy classes require dissection – if you’re squeamish about bodies or organs, you have two choices: suck it up and participate, or move on to another career. These are the same choices if you have a problem with touching feet, or nude bodies. Either you live with your choice and overcome the squeamishness, or you move on, because massage isn’t right for you.

On the other hand, my time as a massage therapist has been some of the most rewarding moments of my life. It thrills me to answer questions my clients ask. To be able to educate someone on how the human body works is an amazing feeling, and is something I’m incredibly passionate about. The human body, to me, is this truly awesome vessel that I get to work on. Each client is such a vessel, where you have the same basic structure as every client before and every one after, but each is home to a unique, amazing person and each body needs something different. Each body reacts a different way to the manipulations of massage.

To me, this is the miracle of life – celebrating each special form, and being an integral part of that form’s path towards a healthy, happy life. As a massage therapist on my own life path, these opportunities propel me forward and allow me to truly enjoy my time, my career, and I believe this is evident through my work.

In the end, my advice to M was simple: Life isn’t easy – sometimes, it sucks – but it’s the people we love and choose to surround ourselves with and the paths we take that make life worth living. Find something you enjoy, something you wholeheartedly love, and regardless of obstacles, go for it. Do what sets you free.

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We are all beautiful.

Fantastic Friday!!

A group of my girlfriends and I have a traditional “Thankful Thursday” every week where we take a few minutes and post (on Facebook, LiveJournal, et cetera) about what we are most thankful for that day or week. I like to share mine on Facebook. Fantastic Fridays is going to be a little like that – take a few moments to post something celebrating what makes you feel fantastic.

Me, I love playing with eye make-up. It doesn’t always like me, because I have rosecea, but I have recently (after MANY years) found a brand of skin care (Philosophy) and a brand of make-up (Urban Decay) that seems to work wonders. And let me tell you, I do LOVE my eyeshadow palettes (especially Smoked!).

In light of taking extra time this morning to wear make-up (even though I don’t usually on a day when I’m working) I really wanted to find an appropriate quote for Friday, a day where we are happy to be out of work and going out with our loved ones and friends to celebrate the end of the work week. And I found this:

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone….
~Sam Levenson

Being a massage therapist, I see the fine line between physical body and the perceived notions of physical beauty. Clients, especially women, spend more time telling me about how they forgot to shave their legs, or asking me to excuse their feet, because they’ve been standing all day, or a number of other superficial concerns, rather than addressing where the pain is, what I can do to help, and just relaxing.

Please be assured, as a massage therapist, I am not concerned about it at all. I work on all types of bodies, in all sorts of shapes and fitness. Truthfully, while I mainly “see” muscles and structure during a session, I also see each form and they’re all beautiful – the human body is such an amazing form, with all of these muscles and fascia interconnected to create each of us with all of the same organs and features, and yet we are intricately different. As a woman, I understand the panic of getting on a therapist’s table and realizing “Oh, crap, I forgot to shave!” or “Oh, good GRIEF, that bruise where I ran into the table, she’s going to think .. (insert whatever here).”

It happens 🙂

And truthfully, to me, that’s when I know I need a massage in the worse way; when I’m too stressed or overworked to remember that I’m on the table to relax and let someone help me release tension and muscle aches.. not compete as Miss America.

It is my greatest wish that through what I do, I can help people see the beauty within themselves. Through your scars, your muscle aches, your sports injuries.. Each of us is a beautiful human being and we should celebrate that.

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Connections and Positivity

I thought of the following poem tonight at a class I attended, and I thought I would share it and my thoughts on connections and positive energy.

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee. 

-John Donne

Our lives are so busy these days, aren’t they? Hit the alarm, shower, whisk the kids to school and ourselves to work to rush through projects and hit deadlines, sit in rush hour traffic to pick the kids up and grab some quickie type of dinner, clean the house, feed the dog.. it’s exhausting just typing that. We are so wrapped up in our lives and forget that we are part of a group, a community, a region, a country, a world.

I’ll pause here for a moment to reflect on that.

I am a part of this world.

Intellectually, we all understand this applies to all of us. But when I stop to think about it, wow, what a humbling and awe-inspiring thought. Here I am, little ol’ me, typing these words and sending them out to the World Wide Web so that you can read them and share them with your friends, my friends, our friends. I’m just a small little cog, I think. I would even venture to say that there is nothing really particularly special about me. But when I sit and think about the persons on the other end of my words, I think about the connection I create. About what impact my words have on someone, how they resonate and how someone might be able to relate to what I am saying.

I attempt to do the same with each client who comes to me, trusting me with their physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual well-being. I try to think each day about what I can do to create a comfort zone, a safe space, for my clients, so that when they come to me for massage, they feel that they can let go of the negativity, pain, tension, anxiety, fears, expectations, anger.. let go of it all and just be in the moment. In that span of time, I am connected with my client in a common goal – their health and well-being. What my intentions are and what energy I release in those moments creates an effect that the client feels, even if it is just subconsciously. If I feel rushed, I can tell and the client can tell. On the other hand, if I am relaxed and happy, and I focus on the positive, that is conveyed through my movements, my posture, and my ability to connect with the client in order to give them the very best massage session I can.

This thought process of focusing one’s intentions and using them to connect with others is not new, and I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head a single person who might have come up with the concept or has it attributed to them. But I do know that in our fast-paced lives, it’s not something we think about often. I think if we each took a few seconds to focus on a positive thought, or do something good for someone else, we make the world (and ourselves) a little better. If we said something positive, instead of “I can’t do..”, “I don’t have”.. think about the change just in your own attitude. A good mood and a smile is contagious, really it is. Connect, or reconnect with someone. Join a group.

This week, think about the positive. Think about what you CAN do, for your self, your family, your community, your region… and then do it.

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In memorium, on this day of national grief.

We remember where we were that day. We remember your deaths. The shock, the horror, the anger and the fear. There is nothing that will change what happened this day, nor will it changed the lives affected.

We can only move forward and help those who cannot.

We can greet strangers with fear in our hearts or we can change and open ourselves to accept change, love, and peace back in our lives.

Today, let us remember those who have passed and those who gave their lives to help strangers. Let us each reach out a hand to help someone in need, great or small, and send that positive energy out into the world, so that each one of us can start the healing.

For those that died, for those that gave their lives to help and save, for those who continue on. We will never forget.

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‘Tis the season…

You know those REALLY annoying people who start talking about the holidays before school’s barely back in session? Yes, I confess, I am one of those people. I LOVE the holidays. I love that nip in the air signaling the change of the seasons, I love the crisp sound of leaves under my feet, I love all of the cooking, preparing, gift wrapping. All of the excitement!

One thing I detest, though, is commercial holiday shopping. I cringe at the thought of having to elbow my way through throngs of angry and frustrated shoppers. I try to avoid major shopping centers at all costs, if I can. Oh, and the canned Christmas carols and promotional slogans being sung by less-than-thrilled shop employees? Puh-lease! It’s ruining my happy holiday mojo!

Let’s face it, holiday shopping is one of the most nerve-wracking, hair-pulling events of the year. One unhappy person can just destroy an otherwise exhilirating day of shopping and gift-wrapping, can’t it? Unless you’re like my other half, who absolutely detests anything to do with shopping whatsoever. Put him smack dab in the middle of the mall and you will see sheer, utter panic in an otherwise unflappable man. Guys, I can understand AND I have a solution for you, too!

So I thought, well, my goal, my livelihood, is making people’s lives better, healthier, and happier. How can I do that and help keep everyone in the holiday spirit? Drumroll, please!!! (“One call does it all!” keeps ringing through my brain right now… I’m so excited!!)


Revitalized Life Massage Therapy’s Holiday Gift Bonanza!!

(Just imagine that’s blinking, please. *hee!*)

This fall & winter season, I am stopping at nothing to make life a little easier for everyone, starting with THREE awesome promotions!

1. Happy Holidays Punch Cards! Buy (4) 60 minute massage sessions, get the 5th one FREE! Between September 1st and November 30th, purchase a punch card at the prepaid discounted price of $160.00, and get the 5th session FREE!

2. Facebook Holiday Giveaway! – During the months of October & November, enter to win a HOLIDAY GRAND PRIZE, valued at $450.00!! How to enter: Mention the giveaway when booking an appointment for any length massage session (30, 60 or 90 minute) between October 1st and December 20th, 2012 to be entered in Facebook Holiday Giveaway. SO EASY!!

Grand prize consists of three 90 minute sessions, each with (1) choice of either brown sugar foot scrub or aromatherapy facial massage, (1) jar of Wicked Soaps brown sugar scrub or (1) 5 mL bottle of personalized essential oil blend and (2) personal foot massage tools to take home!

3. For The Guys: Gifts Galore! Gift-giving made EASY this holiday season! Don’t get her another kitchen appliance! GIVE THE GIFT OF MASSAGE!Choose from three custom packages:

(1) 60 minute massage, with a choice of relaxing foot scrub or facial massage featuring an essential oil blend (that she can keep!). Valued at $100.00 – Holiday Gift Price $70.00

(1) 90 minute massage, featuring cold stone therapy (great for those holiday headaches & migraines or sinus relief) Valued at $150.00 – Holiday Gift Price $100.00

(2) 60 minute massages, and her choice of foot scrub or facial massage with a customized essential oil blend. Valued at $230.00 – Holiday Gift Price $150.00

Other package options are available upon request!

See, how awesome is all of that? Three different ways to make your life just a little easier this holiday season. Let’s face it, compared to the hustle and bustle and screaming and funny smells of department stores, one of the best things you can do for you and a loved one is give the gift of massage.

Imagine, your feet are tired, your shoulders and arms hurt from carrying bags and heaving decorations up & down stairs and ladders. Bone tired, right? Then imagine taking just a small slice of time, relaxing on soft flannel sheets, while a licensed massage therapist works out the soreness and pain, allowing you to let go of all of the holiday stress, frustration and headaches. I probably don’t have to point out the benefits of massage at this point, but I will. Massage can do more than just help you relax. Massage can lower blood pressure, relieve tension, help with anxiety, boost self-esteem, improve circulation, restore our skin’s natural glow and release endorphins, among so many other things, making you a happier, healthier person!

Revitalized Life Massage Therapy

1947 N. Lyford Road, Rockford, IL 61107

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